BCBC: Episode: 011

Asshole mercies, Man Periods or “Meriods”, Rise of the Moschinos, Dear Jerry, Little Syria 45 minutes from the BCBC headquarters!, ┬áDave and Jerry assume the world revolves around them. ┬áDid the fellas drive Ben to “break” Facebook?

BCBC: Episode: 010

Fiercely Fabulous episode! Charlie’s got the HIV, recapping our guest spot on the Pure BS Podcast, Flipper boy and abusing the word “retahd”

BCBC: Episode: 008

Suicide buddies, Red wings, The Squirrel of Wall Street and Mayonnaise as a lubricant.

BCBC: Episode: 009

Frozen lady parts, Snowballin, Upper Deckers, Jerry is the Johnnie Cochran of dog shit, Shitstika, Bringing back 1950 to the “Show Me” State.