BCBC: Episode: 016

Christmas recap, Dr. Seuss is a “Pollyanna cocksucker”,   A master whore teaches the ladies how to “grapefruit yo man”, Norway is giving obedience classes to Muslims,  Possibly the worst song of 70’s is still better than today’s pop music and the Christian guide to shitty parenting.  

BCBC: Episode: 015

Midget are people too, Star Wars jizzfest, Holy mold, Dear Jerry and a clearly drunken Louis Armstrong reads “Twas the Night Before Christmas”.

BCBC: Episode: 014

6 Year old man/girls, A guy that broke up with his dog and is crying like a 6 year old man/girl, Bill Cosby’s fighting back, weird sayings that old people use and another Arab sexual deviant.

BCBC: Episode: 013

Entitled cookie cunt, Scott Weiland is dead and John Lennon is deader, Ayn Rand was an ugly woman and a horrible smoker, Dear Jerry and sleep fucking, sexual favors for saving your buddy’s life,  BCBC is Kim Jong Un’s favorite podcast and PUNCHING THE BROWN TIMECLOCK!!!

BCBC: Episode: 012

#jangles, Dave gets banned from Facebook, military pillow fights, kids that don’t know their place, old folks that still say “colored”