BCBC: Episode: 020

People in the UK understand us, Beating off on your patients is apparently worth throwing away a lucrative medical career,  Jerry gets a prank call from Jenna’s tits, Dr. Dave is treating his sleep apnea with weed, Tennessee style justice for shoplifting, The new craze among America’s teen, besides shoving things in each other’s rectums is…..

BCBC: Episode: 019

Fat Shaming, Weightism and how People Of Size (POS) need their space…clearly, Dave’s vasectomy and why it could have been avoided with the “flick of a switch”, A very special segment of Dear Jerry, The growing and very gay epidemic in America’s high schools, ANAL HAZING is here and it’s inappropriately funny as hell, Dave’s mom is moist for Grizzly Adams,

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BCBC: Episode: 018

It’s official…Mummers hate fags, The Offense Pimps, King Diamond’s Christian doppelganger , Jerry is a sexist scumbag gentleman, and some medical advice from “The Doc”

BCBC: Episode: 017

A future victim named Anakin,  Dear Jerry, Dave’s life is unmanageable,  Looking thin by hanging with fat people,  playing a racing video game does NOT qualify you as a real driver,  #catlivesmatter