BCBC: Episode: 024

Hitler’s genitals, #coontalk, making porn is a hazardous job, Dave’s wife put a hit out on a hamster, Ball gags 4 Bernie!, Sander’s supporter is not an ugly crier, but is still unfuckable due to her lack of brain power,  Dave answers the burning question…”what makes a person white?”

BCBC: Episode: 023

My Wiggas, Dear Jerry, Naked horsey rides with mommy, certain sexual positions are putting your pecker in harms way, eating your wife…in a bad way….#FuckLuke

BCBC: Episode: 022

Luke from Bold & Belligerent gets a dose of Jerry and Dave. The battle rages on, vaginal discharge as a condiment, Alligators as weapons, Even Dave thinks Beyoncé is hot, Ash Wednesday is kinda “voodooey”, Not all black are good actors, a sex robot that can make a decent sandwich is priceless.

BCBC: Episode: 021

The fellas are on in Vegas!,  The dangers of jerking-off while driving, The benefits of getting drunk through your rectum, John Wayne Gacy enjoyed giving himself facials,  Furries are sexy mutha fucka’s,  Dear Jerry, and talking a ridiculous amount of smack on the BSPN noobs!!