BCBC: Episode: 028

The Superbowl of Christianity, Resurrection Prime(2 day delivery vs. standard 3 day), gender neutral hardware stores, Revenge Of The Nerd (podcasts), claiming illiteracy to avoid a DUI, cock sock collections, aborted cabbage fetuses and a BCBC biology lesson on eggs.

BCBC: Episode: 027

Cooker bombs in your vaginas, Giving a dolphin a handy, Dear Jerry, Dave’s gape, Gender confusion, ¬†Xi-sexuals, and more #FuckLuke.

BCBC: Episode: 026

Jerry the booze hound, ¬†Apparently Black people don’t like being called “black” either, International Women’s Day has nothing to do with sandwiches and anal sex, suburban Irish people don’t buy Jordans in Detroit, Nancy Reagan is contacted from beyond the grave!…guess what she had to “say”.

BCBC: Episode: 025

Jerry sleeps like a horse (standing up), PSA…CHANGE YOUR TAMPON!!, Smuggling cocaine in your cooter, Dear Jerry, porn watchers worldwide love lesbians, thanks to medical science…the fellas will be able to enjoy deviant porn and ColdCock whiskey for at least another 1000 years.