BCBC: Episode: 033

Sedatives turn to booze…BY THE POWER OF JEEESSUUSSS!!!, More
dead celebs, Boys in dresses vs. Blacks liking hockey,
Fingerbangin’ on the bus,  Dave was afraid of being mistaken
for a retahd.

BCBC: Episode: 032

The fatties win again!,  Rachel Dolezal is giving advice on being black, Apparently banging an underage broad is not a crime as long as it’s rape, Dave is rejoicing and thinking of an illness to get some medical weed, Bear thinks man is tasty, and Jerry and Dave discuss the many confusing initials of “the gays”. 

BCBC: Episode: 031

Episode 30 gets derailed and Jerry and Dave screw their listeners with an “encore” performance of episode 14, Cockring tales…yes, we have more than one if you can believe it. Ed Snider…still dead, Jerry plays asshole karaoke with Loverboy.

BCBC: Episode: 029

Jerry’s a big “un-tipper”, Old queen is too gay to be Jesus, Eh Cunt!, Do turkey fly?, Dear Jerry, Cap’n Kirk sings!!