BCBC: Episode: 037

People who get “sauce” on their cheesesteaks are hillbillies, Jerry is “loaded for bear” literally, Shitting on someones lawn is a no-no but shitting your pants while you’re running a marathon is dedication, The fellas are so self-absorbed, they can’t remember the celebrities that died this year, Choo Choo Stu solidifies his #1 fan status. 

BCBC: Episode: 036

Dave’s underwear sock, who knew that you could by a cup of gasoline, Crack ho’s don’t smell as good as bacon when you burn them, the fellas come down from their ivory tower to rate Bill Cosby’s victims it doesn’t go as well as they thought and the wrong size meatball could get your ass kicked. 

BCBC: Episode: 035

Banging adult students is not legal, Dave’s testimony on being “HIGH AS FUCK”, Captain America is a hetero badass, Former piece of ass Kendra Wilkinson shows her stretch marks and the fellas vomit, cry for help goes unanswered as a woman Periscopes her suicide…Dave laughs hysterically. 

BCBC: Episode: 034

Fabric softener heals the broken heart, dressing like a panda and wearing a suicide vest made of chocolate bars will get you shot, Bill Cosby is moving to Oklahoma where it’s legal to mouth pump unconscious women,  Dear Jerry and the answer to the question of whether Dave will pay slave reparations to African Americans.