BCBC: Episode: 042

Dave makes a room full of rappers nervous (or agitated), Dear Jerry targets fatties and other un-fuckables, NEIN, NEIN, NEIN!!!the word around burning cross is that Taylor Swift is a “closet facsist” and other stone vajay-jays in Germany.

BCBC: Episode: 041

The Guns, Guitars and Gash Podcast!!!   Jerry attacks Dave! a bloodbath ensues,  Amish people are great gift-givers, piss, piss everywhere!,  the fellas revisit their old whipping post (The Bitches Who Do Work podcast) for one more fling, The female ejaculation is a farce!!!

BCBC: Episode: 040

Dave runs into a tranny from high school.  “punching the clown” is bad for your health, The fellas are biologically “in sync”, Dear Jerry,  we may have broken the Trivia Geeks Podcast. 

BCBC: Episode: 039

Poor bastard gets a new penis,  Trump gives a shout out to his niggehs, the fellas run a train on the writers for Trivia Geeks Podcast, Muhammad Ali mumbles from beyond the grave, Richard Simmons might be gay!!!

BCBC: Episode: 038

Dave’s mic is busted, crazy hot teacher banging a 13 yr old is crossing the line(according to St. Jerry), Porn has ruined “money shot” placement for future generations, Dear Jerry, curious what your shit weighs?…go to the grocery store and find out.