BCBC: Episode: 005

Jerry’s vacation, Allahu Akbar, colonial era sex, and why you shouldn’t jerk off on your employees.

BCBC: Episode: 006

70’s porn, Amish phone sex, redneck coal-cracker Catholics and the insanity of Paul Stanley.

BCBC: Episode: 045

Dave’s back!!! laying healing hands on Dave’s colon, Jerry puts a creep in his place, “Nice” terrorists, the many uses for shitting yourself, Melanoma Trump is Bela Lugosi’s granddaughter, anal anarchy in the UK, whale spotting at Applebee’s, Pokemon GO is still dumb. 

BCBC: Episode: 007

Dave got sick so chew on this until 045 comes out…We were just babies!!!! Our 7th episode!

Is allowing a man to fart in your face gay? Also, deaf people, while not good for our podcast, are pretty great. And, check out the great blues man “Richard” Johnson.

BCBC: Episode: 044

No sex for divorcees in the Catholic church, little black girl is the new Iron man…not possible!, Praying while driving is more dangerous than texting and Pokemon Go combined, Dear Jerry, men faking orgasms and the ridiculous reasons behind it.

BCBC: Episode: 043

Jerry rants, Dave reassures himself that he still hates video games, female blood is cold and black, naked bitches and bingo, RAMEN RAGE!!!, Banging your vacuum cleaner will get your ass whipped, Jerry is bringing back the era of distinguished gentlemen one pen at a time.