BCBC: Episode: 053


GOLD SPHINCTER, Dave’s drunk, CP Time is NOT a white man conspiracy, Dave’s “resting dick face”,   Harry Potter (specifically) is satanic, exorcising the #semendemon, Dear Jerry and a new way to lick pussy.

BCBC: Episode: 001

No material, shitty sound quality.  Our hearts were in it though. We were committed to do a podcast on 9/11/2015.  Here it is….warts and all.  We’ve come a long way in a year.  Thanks for not giving up on us.

BCBC: Episode: 052

lick me where I fart, dildos won’t stop school shootings, pussy farting in a bad way, Bubba the cat update!,  Ray-Ray stoles da sausages, Dave doesn’t know how to talk to his kids.

BCBC: Episode: 051

Jizz lava lamps, shittin’ in the streets, Bubba the cat update, Dear Jerry, and Baggies are NOT condoms

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