BCBC: Episode: 056


Jerry attacked by nuts, the fellas take a rocket ride to hell, the benefits of staking out a burglary, Luke is going for the gold at the “Vape Olympics”, Ass cave.

BCBC: Episode: 055


Bubba The Cat finally, @DastardyJabby has a schoolgirl crush on Jerry, Furries are violent, Clowns with knives are silly pranksters. ¬†Ball cancer PSA, ¬†dear Jerry, Real men don’t change diapers.

BCBC: Episode: 054


#FUCKLUKE is back!!!, Heroin as a sex toy, Insane Clown Posse is a mess, Bubba The Cat update, White college girls identifying as black broads and White dudes identifying as clowns, Fuck you Luke Johnson.