BCBC: Episode: 064


Merry Birthday Jeeeessuuus!!, White Santa is a judgmental prick, Dave’s still tubby, Gay Christmas light making dudes want to blow each other, The state of California is no fun.

BCBC: Episode: 063


Jerry and Connie’s Xmas eve,eve,eve,eve,eve,eve “party til you puke”,  Dave falls off the wagon and packs the weight back on #teamtubbyfuck,  Roxxxy the sex robot is a good whore,  Jizz frosting, Dear Jerry

BCBC: Episode: 062


Slappin bitches with a bag-O-urine, Chicken milk, 2 Popes 1 cup, Old snatch and genital warts

BCBC: Episode: 061


Dave’s weight week 1, Jerry writes a theme song for Dave’s for the bit, Dear Jerry, Cow eyeball are delicious and get the “yang” up,  The fellas “try to be open to a Black Santa.