BCBC: Episode: 068

Dave’s weigh-in, WWE Battle Royale breaks out in Washington, GrandDogs suck ass, Crazy people acting crazy, “food portion nazi” Jerry questions “how much toast is too much?” More than two slices is an outrage

BCBC: Episode: 067

Dear Jerry, Marital rape…BULLSHIT!!!, Chinks are getting manly, Jerry and son making friends at the gun shop. Dave’s still tubby…and more!!

BCBC: Episode: 066

66 art

Banana spider strikes again, Frat boy/serial ass raper is redundant, trannys are making prison sex fun again, The BCBC White Guilt Box, BCBC day at Disneyworld dressed as McDonald’s characters.

BCBC: Episode: 065


Dappy Doo Deer!!,  cool refreshing Rocky Mountain piss, Smooth Jazz, egg rolls and annoying latinas,  Banana spiders, one man human centipede, DAVE IS HUGE!!