BCBC: Episode: 075

The fellas try their hardest to offend EVERY demographic. Nobody is safe this week, our new whipping post is revealed, a good old fashioned rapin’ will cure heroin addiction, Dave’s fat again, Goddamn this week is funny. Just fuckin listen.

Eye of the Tubby

You asked for it, you got it. Eye of the Tubby. FREE!! Are we awesome or what? We originally wanted to charge for it, but decided the $7.42 we’d make just wasn’t worth it. I mean, who wants to pay taxes on that? So we’re giving this to you. Free. AGAIN.
We’re so good to you.

BCBC: Episode 074

Jewy and Da Hyena, Pukefest at Jerry’s, Dave’s beastiality foot fetish, Podcasting Christians, Fun with Toni the Tampon and VIVA LA PEDROS

BCBC: Episode: 073

Rachel Dolezal makes a porn, Jerry makes friends everywhere he goes, UTZ Sour Cream and Onion chips are fuckin serious, Dear Jerry, Gangbangin at the club and much more….