BCBC: Episode: 079

Dear Jerry, Transgender lesbos from outer space, FOX is fucked, the health benefits of frog snot, PORN TAX AFFECTS US ALL, old people are decaying, the pitfalls of titty fuckin.

BCBC: Episode: 078

Easter is the new Xmas, Jerry’s afternoon “shit dream”, Dave’s tennis elbow …not caused by tennis, no job…no money…fuck it…54 kids sounds legit, broken cocks, sound effects…and MORE!!

BCBC: Episode: 077

Big-headed midget bikers, Zika in Reading, PA, Dear Jerry, Dave’s a sad fat man, Barry MANilow is a gay, the fellas get surprisingly racist with the Dr. that get kicked off the plane.

BCBC: Episode: 076

Dave’s got the fatboy blues, Jerry’s got “brown fever”, diddling Mexican dicks on the train, cameltosis, The fellas pick apart Kong…and MORE!!!