BCBC: Episode: 094

The hounds have been released on Three is (NOT)Comedy, Dear Jerry, Jizz smoothies and labia necklaces, ALL asians are bisexual, Real-life BurningMan, How to sexually molest yourself.

BCBC: Episode: 093

#TastefulNudesAndEvinrudes, Dave’s done some amateur porn, Swedish Nazis, Jerry won’t slow down, BJs for boat rescues. Joel Osteen has a strict “NO RAPE” policy at his church.

BCBC: Episode: 092

#swolemates, “bud sex”, fart in my mouth, the never-ending orgasm, Dear Jerry, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Jerry is neurotic.

BCBC: Episode: 091

#blackdave, Robot rape, The Dukes of butt crack fingering, boob sweat is hot, Doc McStuffins isn’t porn, Skinhead O’Connor is down’n out in New Jersey

BCBC: Episode: 090

Dear Jerry, sex robot pedophilia, Bulletboys, Dio resurrected, Eric Stacy on-air crash and burn on RVR…and more

BCBC: Episode: 089

Bleeding on a park bench!!!,  poetry time with Jerry,  cocks on the highway,  Dain Bramage, John from Brand X won’t say Ni**ers.  #CTE

BCBC: Episode: 088

Dear Jerry, pixelated genitles, Canadians are too nice for their own good, Dave’s (mis)adventures in piss, Corey Feldman’s asshole, #praderwilli

BCBC: Episode: 087

Dave’s got the “Eye”…again, Going green…or yellow, the power of piss, Fat chicks with giant asses.  Jews Blues, a new vape for Luke Johnson.

BCBC: Episode 86

Helmets are funny as fuck, lizard dicks, long distance cunnilingus, Dave is back on the diet horse and breaking it’s spine

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