BCBC: Episode: 091

#blackdave, Robot rape, The Dukes of butt crack fingering, boob sweat is hot, Doc McStuffins isn’t porn, Skinhead O’Connor is down’n out in New Jersey

BCBC: Episode: 090

Dear Jerry, sex robot pedophilia, Bulletboys, Dio resurrected, Eric Stacy on-air crash and burn on RVR…and more

BCBC: Episode: 089

Bleeding on a park bench!!!,  poetry time with Jerry,  cocks on the highway,  Dain Bramage, John from Brand X won’t say Ni**ers.  #CTE

BCBC: Episode: 088

Dear Jerry, pixelated genitles, Canadians are too nice for their own good, Dave’s (mis)adventures in piss, Corey Feldman’s asshole, #praderwilli

BCBC: Episode: 087

Dave’s got the “Eye”…again, Going green…or yellow, the power of piss, Fat chicks with giant asses.  Jews Blues, a new vape for Luke Johnson.

BCBC: Episode 86

Helmets are funny as fuck, lizard dicks, long distance cunnilingus, Dave is back on the diet horse and breaking it’s spine

BCBC: Episode: 085

You are nots da faddah,  Lea Thompson has become Lorraine McFly,  Empowering women with comic books,  Dear Jerry,  The fellas burn most of their bridges at RVR… THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!!!

Episode 84

Non-bi-lingual Mike Schmidt, Hot for teacher redux, Ped and Mellor


BCBC: Episode: 083

#manclit, Trannys in our backyard, Girl gets crabs in Singapore, Dear Jerry, Dave’s creepy “bandlord”, Reverend Pussy Pic!!

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